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Java ESL

tags:FreeSWITCH Java ESL 创建时间:2015-09-28 13:52:13

Java Connection Options There are at least three options for using Java to connect to the FreeSWITCH Event Socket.

esl.jar (freeswitch core)
License: Same as FreeSWITCH
Available: esl.jar can be built as part of FreeSWITCH code base
Automatically generated by SWIG from core C ESL interfaces (so by definition, always up to date with core ESL).
Requires the native esl_lib dependencies to available at runtime.
An example is provided at bottom of this page Event Socket Library.

org.freeswitch.esl.client (freeswitch-contrib)
License: Apache v2
Available: In freeswitch-contrib git repository, see Java ESL Client for details and usage.
Inbound and outbound
Handles event bodies
Built using maven, and OSGi ready
Runtime dependencies only on the excellent Netty (Apache License) and SLF4j (MIT License) libraries

fs_eslib (Versafon)
License: GPL v3
Type: Inbound
Features: see the web page above.

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