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tags:FreeSwitch 同步时间 FSGUI 创建时间:2017-04-11 07:16:03


FS的开发者Anthony Minessale II 说:

FS is keeping it's own time using the monotonic clock in the kernel which is the same mechanism as the system time so your machine probably keeps bad time. Allowing any software to trust the system time is very dangerous. Something that was depending on the system time to calculate a duration etc can be considerably compromised if the time suddenly changes by hours or years in either direction. Things like daylights savings time can break CDR etc. The clock in FS is the onboard monotonic clock and the offset to real time is preserved. If you want FS to sync to system time when desired there are commands to perform this operation.


fsctl sync_clock

fsctl sync_clock_when_idle.

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